WASI's mission is to help build community-wide Ecological Sustainability and resiliency in our area through education, training, resource creation, programs, and economic re-localization strategies.

Ecological sustainability informs us that nature already knows how to sustain all life, and it does so by creating and nurturing communities in place.

Nature therefore shows us that building healthy regenerative modes of living begins at the local level. Ecological sustainability offers local communities a transformative roadmap forward to begin the process of building a more sustainable and therefore abundant world, now.    

WASI's Feeding the 5000 Program
WASI's Feeding the 5000 program promotes regenerative and urban agriculture as the first key step in building a sustainable world.
Rebuilding our local foodshed in a regenerative manner means all can participate in creating this essential resiliency infrastructure of the future.
It's time to say good-bye to childhood hunger and lack of access to nutrient-dense food in our community.


WASI's Designing for Sustainability Program
Designing for Sustainability
(DfS) is a curriculum development project that demonstrates an ecology-driven approach to sustainability science. This approach is also referred to as "Ecological Sustainability."

Ecological Sustainability maintains that of the three domains of sustainability, the environmental domain must be the primary model and informer of remedy.

DfS can be geared for all levels of education, including community education.

"A sustainable world can be designed and rebuilt only from the bottom up. Locally self-reliant and self-organized communities are the building blocks for change. Nature is more than a bank of resources to draw on: it is the best model we have for all the design problems we face."
~David Orr


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