5% Day Celebration

WASI was honored to be selected for Whole Foods Market's 5% Day community giving day on January 11th, 2018. In spite all enduring an ice storm, $1,141.00 was raised! 

This generous support will enable WASI to continue its mission to help our community build a vibrant local food economy with WASI's aim being to combat scarcity and especially childhood hunger through its Feeding the 5000 program. We can't thank you enough for being a part of building a more sustainable and therefore abundant future now and for our generations to come!


5% Day is a Whole Foods Market community giving day that supports local nonprofits. Click here to learn more
about Whole Foods Market's work in their local communities.

Whole Foods Market & WASI 5% Day Celebration Schedule: (see printable flyer below)
Store Hours:  7:30am - 9:00pm, WASI Booth:  4:00pm - 7:00pm

Talk:  6:00pm - 6:30pm, Aquaponics and Rebuilding our Local Food System
Please feel free to download a copy of the talk prior to the event (click on title for PDF).
And bring your valuable input to add to this important community discussion!

Sustainable food production and consumption practices can put "humanity on a fast track to true sustainability."

According to the data from the Global Footprint Network and their Global Sustainability Transition Hinges on Food report, the way in which human societies across the planet produce and consume food, contributes to over a quarter (26%) of humanity’s overall Ecological Footprint.

This Ecological Footprint metric is also telling us that our "current trajectory of...natural resources consumption, including food-production and consumption, will lead humanity to demand approximately 2.5 planets by 2050." (p. 5)

But the good news is, with food being such a large resource driver,  

"Sustainable food production and consumption practices...can yield high rewards. Including reducing humanity’s Ecological Footprint by nearly 16%." And, a 16% reduction in humanity’s overall Ecological Footprint has the power to put "humanity on a fast track to true sustainability." (p. 5)                                   
Global Sustainability Transition Hinges on Food report

WOW! Knowing that sustainable food production and consumption practices can put "humanity on a fast track to true sustainability," is news to celebrate!

So let's work together make it happen! Come join the conversation January 11th, 2018 to help create this path forward in the Wichita area. (Please feel free to print and share this flyer):


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