WASI was founded as a Not-For-Profit Kansas Corporation in October 2012 by Andrea L. Knighton, LMSW. Knighton obtained a Masters in Social Work from Wichita State University in May 2012. Her area of study in graduate school was psychological trauma. Upon graduation her decision was to work in the area of trauma prevention. With trauma prevention in mind and after much post-graduation reading and research, the WASI vision emerged. The vision is based on premise that people CAN work together to make survival level resources available to create an environment of resiliency for themselves, their families, their neighborhoods and their community.


Leah Dannar-Garcia
WASI - President
Owner/Operator, Firefly Farm

John Willoughby
WASI - Treasurer
Account Executive

Andrea L. Knighton
WASI - Secretary, Founder

Becky Elder
Founder, Elderslie Farm
School Head, Northfield School of the Liberal Arts

Dr. Holger Meyer
Director and Associate Professor of Physics
Wichita State University

Elizabeth S. Wilson, M.Ed, M.A.
Owner, Precision Planning


Taunya R. Rutenbeck
Owner, Center for Social Work Innovation LLC

John F. Carter
President, Netwerx Computer, Inc.


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